Missy Ink Magazine is the brain-child of Bella Rouge and Dana Brushette. If you pick up any tattoo magazine in gas stations, convenience stores or Chapters, you will find one common factor… They all have male-centric target markets! Women love tattoos as well. We can appreciate beautiful tattooed women just as much, if not more, than the average man. Popular magazines marketed to women like Cosmopolitan or Elle tend to shy away from tattoos or anything that demonstrates individuality. They promote the starved “model” body image, pumping out articles on looking better, losing weight or pleasing your man.

Left to right: Anna Crooke, Bailey Northcott, Bella Rouge, Dana Brushette

The Missy Ink Team: Leah Bradley, Bailey Northcott, Bella Rouge, Dana Brushette


You are beautiful just the way you are! Women need a magazine that embraces them for who they are and celebrates it. They do not need marketers preying on their insecurities and using negative reinforcement to get sales. Through the art of pin-up and tattoo culture Missy Ink is able to provide women a positive and supportive forum for their interests.

Missy Ink is a Lifestyle magazine for the modern woman. She enjoys the finer things in life but also gets dirty camping and drinking beer with the guys. She loves looking pretty, but loves her cosy flannel pajamas. She is fearless but lovable, tough but sweet. She is every woman; your best friend, your mom, your sister, the stranger ordering her coffee…she is you.



Missy Ink Magazine consists of a content issue, as well as M.INK, our special online edition.

Our content issue is available quarterly in Chapters and other small retailers across Canada. It releases in January, April, July and October each year – with limited quantities available in store. We also offer copies online through MagCloud. We often offer pre-sale as well, so keep yours eyes peeled!

M.INK is available quarterly on Joomag. These issues give us the opportunity to showcase more beautiful women, talented photographers and other artists who go into creating brilliant photos. They are photo-book style magazines which we fill with submissions we receive that we love, but aren’t able to fit into the content issues. Often times we choose the cover model from submissions for Special Edition.

What does this mean for Submissions?
Check out our news section to know which themes are coming-up. If you are interested in shooting something to submit with our theme in mind, let us know that in your submission. If you’re happy getting in M.INK, please check the themes on our Pinterest Board. We will select the cover based on what best fits with our magazine.