Issue 12 Networking & Release Party Wrap-Up

Issue 12 Networking & Release Party Wrap-Up

Earlier this month Missy/Ink history was made. On February 6, the Revival Bar was wall-to-wall packed with guests looking their best; pin-up style accessorized with accomplished smiles. It was the launch of Missy/Ink’s national release. Bodies were moving on the floor listening to the sounds of Zero Dollar Daze, Ginger St. James and The Howll. And of course, the bodies of Miss Verushka, Kensie Vicioüs, Mitzy C and Knox Harter were wiggling on stage. Cupcakes and rockabilly swag were sold on the sidelines for people to peek and shop at while they drank from the celebratory glasses. The night has come and gone but the energy continues to serve as a catalyst for the year to come.

We were lucky enough to have Paul Steward capturing the event and AltoVenue rocking a photobooth that was a highlight of the night! Click through to the individual galleries…



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