Melissa Price

Melissa Price


Like many photographers, she wants to freeze time and immortalize that special moment in time and like a true artist – she cares a great deal for what she does and the subjects she photographs.

The portfolio of Melissa Price is one of variety. She began with taking nature shots and experiencing the moment with the tumultuous attitude of Mother Nature. Now she snaps individual portraits, children, babies, baby bumps, couples nature – everything. “I helped a musician with portfolio work to get a grant for a record deal,” Melissa says as she remembers some favourite shoots. “I showed a beautiful soul just how beautiful she was and what everyone else saw in her; for her caring and charismatic personality. I’m currently working with a skateboarding crew, which has by far been one of my best experiences, meeting new people and supporting local talents!”

Melissa has loved the arts and photography since she was walking through high school halls, and the last three years have been used to make her mark.

Melissa uses her nurturing and creative sides to add that much needed unique twist in such a competitive industry, “Photography is a tough competition, you have to have originality,” she says. “Without a creative outlook, it’s hard to set yourself away from others in the business.”

Using her outgoing personality, she is able to make every client relaxed and comfortable, making sure they get her individual attention. Her empathy shines through her work ethic and finished product, “I’m a mix of emotions when I get to share with the world what I love most,” says Melissa. Every shoot is a new story, as clients share their personal experiences and the bond between photographer and subject deepens. “Thrill, happiness, sadness, the list [of emotions] goes on!”

Being able to take feelings and create from them is how Melissa keeps her place in the photography world. Losing her brother from a car accident only three months before starting the arts program at Beal, it was difficult for the grieving sister to attend classes. With the support of her family and friends, she says she self-taught herself almost everything she knows, before taking an online photography course.

The photographer says she has a wide variety of clientele. Taking pictures of her “lovely lady models” allow her to really use her creative side, something other subjects may not allow for as much when it comes to everyday photography. She also loves photographing children –especially since she has her own: “I find a connection most with families and children. I enjoy capturing the laughter spent together, the love that shows through my work. Children are our future and I love being able to capture them most in the growth process to adulthood.”

To give every shoot the originality Mellissa strives for, she has a pre-shoot consultation with every client. Keeping what makes her clients comfortable they discuss ideas and come up with something exact, “To give it the originality it needs, my ideas are brought forward and brought to life with the visions my clients bring to the table as well,” she says. Giving direction is a constant throughout the process, to ensure the perfect image and the perfect moment captured. Melissa aims for perfection in the shot itself in the beginning, to ensure only minor edits are needed. When it is time for edits, the artists thinks about the mood of the photo – should it be colour or black and white?

Melissa’s name is getting out there through word of mouth, social media, local business promotions and flyers. Her clientel has continued to grow since her first days shooting her friends and nature landscapes- and that has been in just the last three years.

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