Bre Poisonne

A model (and moreover general workaholic) in and around Toronto for more than five years, she’s gotten down and dirty in everything from life modeling to erotic work to burlesque and fire performance. Her specialties include Fire-breathing (and burlesque!), Bendy Nudes & holding difficult poses for lengths of time.


What is your favourite thing about Missy/Ink Magazine?

Am I allowed to say that it’s because I’m in it? Derp. Besides the quality of the content, and because I like being able to flip through a magazine and go “OH HEY I KNOW HER,” I like that [there’s] such a down-to-earth, awesome team behind it. I can’t tell you how often I hear from people that they sent things to magazines, whether pictures or inquiries, and just never heard back. I’ve asked questions multiple times and still gotten responses, I’m sure with some eye rolling, but at least that part wasn’t included in the e-mail.

Do you feel as though the alternative scene has the strength to grow and expand in Canada?

So long as it gets the right sort of attention and new blood in the scene making things happen, I definitely think so. I remember [going to New York in high school] and hearing how the Alternative Scene there imploded. They got too caught up in politics; the same people run the scene for forever and then nothing. It’s the sort of thing that I see happening [in many] places and I’m worried it might happen in the [scene here] too. Toronto has so many great alternative people, I think that would be unbelievably sad.

Why are you drawn to tattoos and/or pin up?

I’ll level with you guys: I’m not a pin-up girl. I don’t do pin-up, not really. There are lots of people a hell of a lot better at it than me. I just don’t touch it. Aesthetically I get that it’s pretty but not my thing. Tattoos, however, I adore. (This is where everyone pelts me with old food because I don’t have any.) Tattoo artists are incredible people and I’ve been drawn to both art and tattoos from a young age, largely before my parents approved of me being interested in either. The fact that a tattoo artist is working with such a terrifyingly permanent medium and that they are so flawless in doing so has always amazed me. Their work is somehow more beautiful than a lot of other art forms because of the strange canvas they use.
So, that being said, I want (at least) one when I hopefully one day figure out what the hell I want.

Within your field who inspires you?

At the moment I really, really love Ulorin Vex. She’s fantastic and amazing to read about. That girl writes like a champ. The second one I want to mention at the moment is probably a little out of left field, but honestly I really love Stoya. You know, the porn star? She also does aerial hoop, and she and my buddy (who doesn’t know he’s my buddy yet) Steve Prue work together all the time. [Stoya] and Ulorin both write brilliantly. Such smart naked ladies!

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

I used to really like drawing before school turned me completely off of it and I stopped because I felt like my professors hated everything I spent actual time on. I also used to really like coding and goofing with photoshop and other adobe programs way back to when I was barely entering the double-digits. I think if I wasn’t doing what I was doing I’d probably go and try to get into some video game design, especially the character making aspect. I write convoluted backstories in my head like nobody’s business.

What is the best and worst experience you have had in the industry?

I could probably go on for a long time with this. I can’t decide whether that’s good or [if] it means I’m bitter.
The best is probably [when] I was doing a shoot one day and happened to be taking a break when I met someone who would eventually introduce me to all the people who taught me fire eating and all the other cool stuff I like to do with it. I don’t even want to think about how much less fun I’d be [having] now if that hadn’t happened. That shoot was pretty rad too.
As for the worst … Thankfully, I’ve never really shown up at a shoot and had the photographer be terribly, terribly rude to me although I’ve butted heads with a couple of people who’ve hired me. I’d say the worst experiences are tied: The people who cancel with less than 24 hours in advance of a shoot I was counting on to pay the rent (in some cases canceling after I’ve shown up at the shoot), and the people who e-mail me about working together and then become offended when I decline because I don’t accept unpaid work. It gets a little ridiculous. [One] person [actually] told me it’s really not that difficult to get to Detroit and I’d just do that no problem, and [another one] gave me a call time and date as our first correspondence before he’d asked if I was free or even interested.

Are you skilled at any other artistic things?

I’ve been doing burlesque for a little while which I suppose is at least mildly artistic, as well as some sort of nifty fire stuff which occasionally borders on being an actual act if I do say so myself. I also do some designing and making of clothes and fake armour and things, and I’m starting to get back into drawing.



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