Our 2013 Pin-Up Pageant

Our 2013 Pin-Up Pageant


Back in October we hosted out first ever Pin Up Pageant – it was such a success that the team can’t wait until the next one!

The line up of 15 contestants included an incredibly unique and talented group of women. The pageant involved a Dress Round, after which eight contestants moved on to the Talent portion of the event. The final three ladies were then put through the ringer in an Interview Round to prove whether or not they were true Missy/Ink material.

For the first round, each contestant walked across the stage to impress the judges with her best pin up look. Laura Desiree started the show off with her Betty Page-inspired getup; a tall, sexy lady with long black locks, she donned a stunning, black maxi gown. Jillian Allen stood out with her red hair pinned in waves, classic white pearls, and a flower dress. Gabrielle Jensen also graced the audience with a striking, floral ensemble and her cute, girl-next-door-type persona. Natalie Mandic wore a blue and white polka dot dress with white crinoline peaking out from the bottom while Red Vixen looked amazing in a black pin up-style dress with yellow accents. Reanne Villeneuve showed off her gams in fishnets and a black garter and Celladore Violet wore an out of the ordinary pop-art inspired dress. Knox Harter looked lovely in a green, mermaid tail dress accented with a fur pelt around her neck and Kitty Meowdows kept the crowd interested with her baby pink hair and big, beautiful eyes. Paddy Jane brightened the entire room with her sparkly, green number and Corey Major had the timeless pin-up look, with a short, dark, Betty Boop-like bob. Leah Swartz tickled everyone’s fancy with fuchsia hair while Sam Mansbridge was magnificent in a red polka dot dress. Lauren Starkiller was super playful with her lilac-coloured hair and Pastel Supernova did a number in a lovely, white dress.

While all of the contestants really shone through in the first round, only eight made it to the next portion of the event, the Talent Round.



The first lady to make it past the Dress Round, without a doubt, was Laura Desiree. She shared her burlesque talent while carrying a marvelous white fox tail boa that she strategically used in her dance number. She finished off her set by spinning her pasties to mesmerize the viewers. Red Vixen showed off her talent for building birdhouses and Celladore Violet proved that she’s a pro in the kitchen, even while wearing an adorable, pink bikini. Knox Harter impressed the judges with a ballet number while Corey Major played her trombone in a performance that will be hard to forget. Leah Swartz did a lovely singing number to a song by Bjork and Lauren Starkiller had a flirty dance number up her sleeves to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’ Dressed in a peach corset, Pastel Supernova wrapped the talent portion of the show with a coy and frisky dance number while flashing her garter.



For the third portion of the contest, the judges went with Laura Desiree, Corey Major, and Pastel Supernova as the top contenders.

Laura talked about her twin sister when asked whether or not she has any role models.

“I believe you learn the most from the people closest in your life,” she said. Her second question was about pet peeves and she said that dressing rooms and mirrors, people who chew with their mouths open, and when you’re expected to get back to someone immediately via text message, are her top agitators.

Corey Major was asked what it means to be a “Missy/Ink Girl” to which she replied that it’s all about being true and happy with oneself as a person. For the second part, the judges asked Corey whether or not she believed that tattoo culture is set to become more mainstream in the future. She spoke from experience when said that she works in the health care industry with other tattooed individuals. According to Corey, tattoos are definitely poised to stop being an issue in modern society, an answer that resonated well with the judges and the crowd.



For Pastel Supernova’s turn, she was asked, “What do you think is expected of women role models these days?” Pastel said that while many people still judge women based on their physical appearance, we’re seeing more and more females break these old stereotypes on a daily basis. Pastel was also asked who she would choose to spend one hour with, dead or alive, and she chose her mother, whom she lost but believes is with her all the time.

For the conclusion of the evening, the judges chose Laura Desiree as the second runner-up and second place went to Pastel Supernova. Corey Major, a classic beauty from Sarnia, Ontario, was crowned the ultimate top spot!

All of the contestants for this night did a fabulous job and it’s hard to believe that there was so much beauty and talent situated in just one room. The Missy/Ink team thanks everyone and can’t wait until the next event, even thought this one will be incredibly hard to top!


Photography by Bailey Northcott
Article by Leah DiFrancesco

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