Chris Chan – also known as altovenue – is a great friend and long time supporter of Missy/Ink. He’s shot countless sets for us in the past and is our go-to guy for event photography. His work speaks for itself – simple yet elegant, with a bit of an edge. Thats how we like it here.


Did you have any education or training in photography?

None. Unless you consider taking a bad photo and then being disgusted by it, puking and trying again. About: Always learning, always trying new things, and always being inspired. Also, I don’t take anything too seriously.

Canon or Nikon?


What is your favourite thing about Missy/Ink Magazine?

I love working with some of my favourite artists and some of the most beautiful people in the city. There’s nothing sexier than strong, expressive women always wearing their own sense of style.

Do you feel as though the alternative scene has the strength to grow and expand in Canada?

I think Toronto is a model city where ‘alternative’ culture is becoming more ‘mainstream’. With festivals like |FAT|, ComiCon, Fet Weekend, Torture Garden/Subspace, and FanExpo becoming huge central exhibits for cosplay/alternative clothing and makeup, Canadian cities are welcoming the growth and creativity of the scene.

Why are you drawn to tattoos and/or pin up?

I’ve always been inspired by art. I love people that have turned their body into a canvas for expression.

Within your field who inspires you?

I’ve always appreciated the work of David Lachapelle and the art of David Hilton.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing photography?

Making websites, designing databases, writing music and cooking. Well, I do all that too.

What is the best and worst experience you have had in the industry?

Mostly flakers and holier-than-thou attitudes from some models.

Are you skilled at any other artistic things?

Making websites, designing databases, writing music and cooking.


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